We work for a quality European college

The International Relations department collaborates in educational tasks in order to ensure that our students receive a personal, professional and intercultural training that guarantees a good point of departure into the European employment and academic market.

We promote foreign language-learning by participating in international projects and fostering the internationalization of the educational community.

Our students can prepare for Cambridge official exams as we are an authorised preparatory centre.


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A school open to Europe and the world

Salesians Sarrià is working hard to solidify itself as a quality European college


We have the multilingual school certificate awarded by the Escola Cristiana de Catalunya Foundation that acknowledges us for promoting the internationalisation of the educational community through participation in international projects and language-learning.

This stamp is awarded to Christian schools that demonstrate the application of various multilingual initiatives and becomes a guarantee of innovation, quality and monitoring of the multilingual project.

Escuela Multilingue - Salesians Sarrià

Exchange Programs

Mobility provides students other ways to relate and understand a world without borders

We give our students the chance to participate in exchange programmes with schools from abroad. This programme allows the students to travel to a European country and to host a student from another country in their own home.


Dürer Gymnasium, Nuremberg, Germany

Fritz-Winger-Gesamtschule, Ahlen, Germany

Nykøbing Katedralskole, Nykøbing, Denmark

Intercambios escuelas - Salesians Sarrià

Language courses

Language training proposal for the development of our students and their academic and professional projection

Cursos de idiomas al mediodia - Salesians Sarrià

We offer our students two language course midday: English conversation classes and preparatory courses for the First Certificate official exam.

All groups are small and the teachers are experienced native speakers.

Language assistants

A group of foreign university students collaborate with Spanish Baccalaureate and VET teachers to improve the students’ English

English is increasingly more necessary in the job world. This is why Salesians Sarrià works to allow its students to complete their education with a good and certified level in the language.

One of the actions that we have been implementing over the last six years is our collaboration with European universities by hosting their students to obtain work experience through the Erasmus+ Programme.

The language assistants, whose mother tongue is English, take part in different VET and Baccalaureate classes, working on technical questions, reinforcing grammar and also providing conversation support. This training is provided by means of the CLIL methodology, which provides the possibility of learning specialised English according to the area of study.

Ayudantes linguisticos - Salesians Sarrià

“English takes on a whole new dimension for the students with our assistance, since we give them access to the language in their professional and everyday life. It provides them with added value when looking for a job because they have a more technical foreign-language training”.

BARNABY RIDLEY 20 years – England

“Our collaboration with the college benefits the entire educational community, since besides participating in the classroom in the learning of English, we also work with different departments and teachers in order to help them in their daily work of pre­paring classes”.

PHILIPPA ROSE BULLARD 21 years – England

“This programme makes it possible to forge a personal relationship with the students, through which we learn more about them and their concerns. This knowledge also allows us to adapt the classes to their interests, focusing on the area of work”.

JOSEPH GOODDY 21 years – England

“Collaboration on the programme allows us to explain our customs to them and generates an interest in our country’s culture and current affairs as well as what education in our home country is like. This methodology generates a relationship in which everyone benefits”.

ROHAN KARAN GUPTA 20 years – England

“Collaboration with the school is a very enriching experience since we get to teach the students and learn from them at the same time.Our classes are adapted to their edu­cational needs, we work with a more focused language, while also reinforcing the areas in which they have more concerns”.

LAURA CONNOLLY 21 years – England

“We reinforce the work done by the teachers.The teaching staff at Salesians Sarrià have a very good command of English, and this is basic for the students’ professional future. We teach them a technical and colloquial language that allows them to work on international projects”.

MELIS DEMIRBILEK 24 years - Turkey

Erasmus + Program

A group of foreign university students collaborate with Spanish Baccalaureate and VET teachers to improve the students’ English

The Erasmus+ programme, besides improving professional prospects, also provides greater scope and a greater capacity to establish social relationships. It is also part of the European and International Training Mobility and Cooperation Programme in professional education managed by the Catalan Department of Education.

Escuela Multilingue - Salesians Sarrià

Teacher training

Our staff is essential for students to achieve their goals and promote the international mentality

We offer teachers the chance to participate in different international programmes in order to receive training in English and go on training stays in European countries. We also provide training with the CLIL methodology.



“I was given the opportunity to visit the Deltion College in Zwolle in

Holland. There, I shared teaching experiences with the members of

the teaching team of the ICT department. I had a very interesting

time participating in classes and pedagogical methodologies with

students and teachers in the speciality”.

Intercambios escuelas - Salesians Sarrià
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Conctact information

You can reach by public transport (metro, rail and bus) and even by bicycle (we have a car park at the school).

Passeig Sant Joan Bosco, 42.
08017 - Barcelona
Phone +34 93 203 11 00
7.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.


A model college

We have an innovative model of educational activity based on the relationship between students and business.

Our International Relations Department coordinates work experience and stages in different European countries.

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